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Gothic architecture is best identified by its pointed arches, flying buttresses, stained glass, and ornate religious sculptural accents. The best Gothic furniture craftsmen have discovered ways to include many of these elements in their furniture offerings. Two of our favorites, whose high quality products are featured on this site, are listed below.

For a more detailed history of Gothic Architecture, we recommend Wikipedia.

Gothic Style for Grown-Ups

By Christina

What is a post-clubbing Gothic style-loving couple to do when they have children and are ready to leave the night clubs and outlandish clothes behind? One way to keep the Gothic feel you love is to decorate your home with Gothic style furnishings and decorations. There are many specialized companies that create beautiful hand-crafted original pieces of furniture, lighting fixtures, area rugs, artwork, and statues that would give your home the classy, whimsical, and slightly evil look you crave.

You can be a mature adult and still surround yourself in the Gothic style in your home and garden. You can customize your look from fun and whimsical on one end of the scale, to dark and scary on the other end. Most people will be somewhere in the middle, combining fun pieces alongside the darker ones to fit in with your home's decor.

You can start by collecting gargoyle statues in your garden for a medieval look (and it may even keep solicitors away). Grouping one or two Gothic furniture pieces with your existing furniture will keep it interesting and not be overwhelming. Then you can hang some classy, Gothic styled artwork and mirrors on your walls for added drama. A gargoyle chandelier in your entryway or dining room is sure to draw attention, and a few dragon or gargoyle statues placed around the house will complete the look.

Design Toscano

If you are interested in museum quality Gothic Revival pieces to accent your designer home or office, look no further! Design Toscano now offers a gorgeous collection of exquisite Gothic furniture pieces, including some with hand-rubbed finishes and hand-carved solid hardwoods. We've hand-selected the best offerings from this wonderful retailer to accent your Gothic home decor.

The Museum Store Company

Featuring one of the largest collections of museum and art reproductions in the world, the Museum Store Company offers fine museum quality reproductions at reasonable prices. Offering exquisitely detailed reliefs, figurines, and home furnishings, the historical accuracy of these artifact pieces will grace your home or office with a rare classical style.